Positech Energy was formed in march 2021 as a UK limited company aiming to develop solar energy in the UK. The company is owned and run by Cliff Harris, a long-time environmentalist who also created and runs Positech Games, an independent video game developer based in the southwest of England.

Positech Energy's first development is a 1.2mwp solar farm with battery storage in Shropshire, UK. The site will consist of 3,024 410w solar panels manufactured by South Korean company Q-Cells, 9 Huawei inverters and a grid connection of 900kwp. Planning permission was granted in October 2022, Construction is currently under way.

Solar has many advantages for a company like ours. Planning permission in the UK is easier for solar farms than wind farms, and the economics enable small scale solar, whereas tidal, wind and geothermal all require huge investment and can be uneconomic at the level we wish to operate. Solar is also largely maintenance free, and as of 2023, entirely subsidy free in the UK. It also operates in a truly free market, unlike government backed and subsidised energy such as nuclear power.

Below: The first rows of posts for the mounting frames for our site in Shropshire.

Below: Pile driving in progress

Below: Access road (permanant created to get construction and maintenance traffic to and from the site. Its a nice bit of countryside!

Below: Full frames built, ready for panels!

Below: Our field is not flat! The panels are split into short runs to accomodate this.

Below: At last the inverters are on site ready to be fitted. These are big chunk 80-110kw solis inverters.

Below: All the panels are now on site. There are 3,024 of them in total and its hard to convey how many that is in a mere picture of pallets :D

Below: The quickest and easiest way to move a lot of panels at a time in a potentially muddy field:

Below: Me standing between the first few rows of fitted, but not connected panels, trying to convince myself this is all going as expected.

Our site in Shropshire is on a sheep farm that will continue to have access to the land throughout the lifetime of the farm, as sheep can happily graze inbetween the rows of panels. This keeps the land in use for agriculture and provides a convenient way to keep the grass level down and prevent it interfering with the panels.

Positechs director Cliff harris blogs about the development of the solar farm including lots of details about the process involved in getting a solar farm built in the UK. Here are some of the more notable blog posts detailing the process:

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We are interested in developing further solar farm sites in the south of the UK. If you have a suitable field, or a large permenant rooftop area such as a substantial series of farm buildings or a large warehouse or factory/ school, please get in touch. We can lower your energy bills, and provide you with renewable energy to power your business! Business enquiries should be sent by email to cliff AT positechenergy.com